Welcome to Our Island, the IdeFX domain!

This is our little great private island somewhere in the deep blue clear ocean.  We love spending time over here, just us... or with friends... 

The water around is perfect diving water, nice temperature, and great visibility!  We have made a lot of friends among the fishes and other sea life around!  Of course the diversity is immense, so we won't bother describing them all...  Just come and see, and you will not be disappointed!

Naturally we have a lovely white sand beach, just around the corner - every corner...  Here we relax, barbecue, snorkel, sun bath, and so on.  And somewhere in the trees behind is our nice and always cool villa, with internet connection!



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Our Island

Where the heck is our perfect island?  Well, somewhere in the CX domain.

Why not visit us at our home address instead of our vacation island!

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